Supporting Waldorf Education
Since 1991

The following information and documentation is to be submitted in triplicate (when submitted by mail) by February 1st. No application can be considered unless all required information is provided. Applications my be submitted by postal service, fax or by e-mail. Typically grants are awarded and applicants are notified by mid-March.


the Michael Foundation, 518 Kimberton Rd., PMB 320, Phoenixville, PA 19460
fax: 610.917.0800       e-mail:


For Individuals

The majority of our funds go to the Waldorf training institutions for scholarship grants.
There is only a limited amount available for grants to individuals.

Give a biographical sketch which includes your education and connection to Waldorf education and your previous life/work experiences.

PLEASE be certain to include a valid mailing address (yes, snail mail address) where you can be reached. We mail out our responses to your requests, as well as checks for awarded grants. This usually is done in late Feb. or early March.

Include statements which make clear the level of financial need (IRS/tax forms, family budgets, etc.)

State the intended uses of funds:
tuition, travel, research/office expenses, publishing, etc. (We cannot fund living expenses.)

Describe the benefits to be realized, as a result of the requested grant, to a particular school or to Waldorf education as a whole.

Include information on specific dates funding is necessary.

Include three letters of reference, personal and professional.

List other funding sources/prospects

Applicants seeking tuition for any of AWSNA/WECAN teacher training centers are asked to be certain that the training center is a "FULL" member center.

For Institutions

State the needs and specific intended use of the funds requested.

If not already on file, include a statement of the organization's non-discriminatory policies regarding hiring/admissions, AWSNA status, proof of 501(c)(3).

Include a report of the use of funds in last year's grant, if applicable.

Include current year's budget detail; income and expense statement for the current year to date.

Include income and expense statement and balance sheet of the previous fiscal year. (An audit or auditors review for that period may be substituted.)

Include proposed budget for the specific program or project requested, showing income and expenses, if applicable.

Describe why funding for a new program is outside of next year's budget and how the proposed program would be funded in succeeding years.

Explain why support from this foundation is sought to continue an established program.

Include information on specific dates that funding is necessary.

List other grants being sought for this project or expense.