Supporting Waldorf Education
Since 1991

About Us

A primary responsibility of the board is to independently read and consider each grant request. Each member of the board is or was a Waldorf teacher and administrator with nearly 30 or more years of school experience. At the annual board meeting, a sharing and discussion among the members occurs until decisions on the allocations of available funds are completed. In most cases only partial grants are possible. Once the board has agreed to make a grant to an individual, the foundation usually will continue that support, if needed, through her/his years of training.We do not fund Foundation Year Studies nor tuitions for children at Waldorf schools. We cannot fund living expenses for teachers in training.

Annual visits to one or more of the teacher training centers and, occasionally, to a Waldorf school, have become important and enjoyable aspects of our work. This enables us to meet a few of those whom the foundation has helped. Through communication with individual grantees, the training centers, and Waldorf schools we can learn how to more effectively serve Waldorf education now and in the future.

The board also has the responsibility for overseeing prudent investment practices. In the early years of this century the board began to study and to discuss investing in socially responsible businesses. The foundation is moving cautiously into this, trying to provide a consistent (or growing) amount of funds from improved businesses and human practices.